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Thread: dyncheck.com - Runtime AV Checker

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    dyncheck.com - Runtime AV Checker

    dyncheck.com is:

    An innovative and fully automated online service of extended Antivirus check of your files.
    Checking proceed with execution on real PC on a real OS Windows system and with a working
    Antivirus software
    (Internet Security) with the subsequent Antivirus detection report of results.
    Result of check will be reported in handy and informative view with full information of desktop
    screenshots on different time intervals and Antivirus' detection alert windows preview.

    The example of Report:

    The example of popup image on preview clicked:

    The example of a proactive detection when a doc file with macro is being run:

    The example of a screenshot of a desktop while a file is being executed :

    And even more dyncheck.com is:

    ● Ability to check your files on different detection types: static, dynamic, proactive, cloud and memory detections.
    ● Ability to check your files with execution and testing for workability on different OS Windows systems. (from XP to Windows 10 (both x86 & x64)). ****
    ● Ability to check different file types: .exe, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .js, .jse, .vbs, .vbe, .html, .htm, .mht, .hta and .ps1.
    ● Ability to check all the steps of working of documents with macro .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and JS, PDF and others. (By checking for all the steps, we mean execution of your file, running macro and all future actions of it).
    No samples distribution. *
    ● Ability to increase time of check up to: 120, 180, 240 seconds.
    ● Ability to upload your files via link, you need just paste your link into the upload panel.
    ● Ability to select any of Antiviruses or Windows systems and pay only for the selected ones.
    ● Ability to check your files with\without internet connection or use IP and domain whitelisting to block all other output traffic.
    ● Ability to set ZoneIdentify option for the checking file ofNTFS thread . **
    ● Ability to download logs from DebugView of test machines. ***
    ● Ability to check office document files (.doc\.docx, .xls\.xlsx) with ActiveX (OLE Object).
    ● Ability to automate checks with our API.
    ● Ability to share your reports with your friends, or you can save reports to PDF or JPG.
    ● Informative reports with popup screenshots of Antivirus detections and screenshots from desktop of testing machines.
    Undetected environment : our testing machines pass Pafish tests.
    User's system imitation : common different software installed on testing machines (Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, WinRar, Notepad++, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Activex, Java SE, Net Framework, VC runtime 2008-2015).
    User's file system imitation : on testing machines we put common different file types (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, png, jpg, png, rar, zip, dll, exe, txt, mp3 and etc.).
    ● Transparent plans: you can pay per check, daily, weekly, mounthly or VIP plans.
    Ability to get xmpp notifications of start\end of checks and other actions.
    ● Ability to pay with Bitcoin via our merchant. Your balance will be funded automatically after 1 confirmation.
    ● Handy and informative the history of checks.
    ● Referal program 30% will be replenished from the selected plan to your balance.
    Secure (isolated) automatic Antivirus database update in every 4 hours and the statistic of updates.

    Actual prices can be found on dyncheck.com/tarifs.

    Temporary the registration will be available without invite codes.
    And all check options will be available on all plans

    * - Checking of a file with switched on Internet connection is unsafe, because the requests to AV's servers are not filtered at the moment.
    ** - Ability to download DebugView logs is available when a user is logged in only.
    **** - Test of a file workability on OS Windows will be available later.

    Contacts: dyncheck@exploit.im, dyncheck@dlab.im, other contacts.

    Other topics and reviews:
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    If you want to test your crypter for exact result. You must use this service, its fast and reliable service also dyncheck.com doesn't distrubute any files to AV companies.
    Thanks for that service @dyncheck
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