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Thread: Chk4Run | The #1 and ONLY Runtime AV Scanner on the market! | Test Your Crypter! |

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    Tested this service and i saw its working good.
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    Big vouch for Codefuser, I've seen his work and this Runtime scanner is excellent.
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    Your scan prices are insane. Even scan4you isnt that expensive. Scan4you is half the monthly price, 15 cents per scan, and double the amount of AVs. Try to lower the price and add more AVs
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    In-case anyone in need of free online file scanner which do not distribute!
    Here is small list i recall as of now -

    - Freedom of Speech

    - Want to buy private 0day ? pentest web application ? targeted infiltration ? contact me [gpg4win] {Make sure you got a big pocket}

    - [Exchange] Selling PerfectMoney & PayPal, Give BTC [Exchange] [Bank Wire,PP,WU](1:1) ------> https://www.opensc.ws/showthread.php?t=20544

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