According to some experts in web security
Websites like have acted as vital information provider
For novice hackers, and other hackers because it allows access to new information and other unknown cards

Now hackers from different markets have access to these other previously inaccessible forums
Access to rats, trojans and exploit kit as the infamous new Sundow exploit kit has become easier
This websites function as gateway to new hacking markets such as the Russian and Chinese undergorund

Also noteworthy are the numbers of banners for access to shops and shops that sell credit cards and bank account info mainly from Americans and Canadians

"One of the most outrageous things on the internet and let people, in this case the closest hackers one of the other, markets are becoming interconnected, and Information flies in the web space at a speed never seen before"

Now you can choose the criminal area you want to act, and all are very profitable
According to the researchers, with a little money, and the right tools you can make your hacker campaign almost without problems, the report concludes that it is getting easier for hackers to make their attacks get better profit than before.