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Thread: Marketplace Rules

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    Marketplace Rules

    Marketplace Rules

    1) You must be the creator of the product being sold. (No re-sellers.)

    A) You may not sell on anthers behalf, even with permission.
    B) New users are required to prove their identity via PM or Message from a known account.
    C) Proof required (ex, "Built for OpenSc." in the about page.)

    2) The project being sold must fit into one of the following categories.

    A) Malware Binaries
    B) Malware Sources
    C) 0Day's / Private Exploits
    D) BigData [Leaks, DBs, etc..]

    PS: There is no unverified section, so you must verify your stuff to admins[root].

    We created new member group, its "Trusted Members", when user verified by admins, users will be moved to this group by administration.
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