i found some data which is encrypted with a DSA SHA1 encryption, it looks like this:

DEAIPIBSG0120140424;iPoSYjNmi9shc9Qp7jdoC9/1P6a1TGmC4shJRPFVV74ydP4MM2EDCA==;201421800285;500 51355503701;RUMBACH;STEFAN WERNER;MUSLI WEG 12;21079 Hamburg;P;L1V3NYGR;26.04.1962;81024094;6924;06.08. 2014;

The format is the following:

name of the certificate;encrypted data;and the data which is encrypted in plaintext;";";";";";

I have the certificate but only with the public key inside, so i am only able to know if its valid or not.
I am searching really long allready some "maybe" existing possibility to find out a way to crack the private key or a way to validate custom data, here is my last hope and i would be glad if somebody who maybe know how to do it, would contact me or let me know here some information about this kind of encryption.
I don t want nothing for free, if somebody can help let me know we will find a way with which we would be happy in this matter.