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    Hi everyone!

    Thread Starter: Darkk

    Hi Im Darkk and Im new here at opensc, I cant wait to get started, Im also trying to start learning python, hopefully i can start learning!

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    Online Crypter Project Announcement

    Thread Starter: root

    Я рад представить вам первый проект сообщества OSC. Мои благодарности всем форумчанам. Версия 0.1 Данный анонс будет обновляться на основе ваших отзывов. Чаще заходим в тему. Резюме В рамках проекта OSC онлайн криптор будет подниматься и поддерживаться со стороны форумчан. Метод Данная...

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    What's Your New Theme Suggestion?

    Thread Starter: root

    Hey OSC I'm wondering, do you want a new theme for OSC? If you want it or don't, please write your suggestion on that topic. Thanks

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    XpertRAT 3.0.9

    Thread Starter: xiphias

    Hi all, here is new version of my RAT with major FIX: -fix bug when installing on Guest Account -fix bug when resizing borders on WIN8 -fix bug when uploading password plugin on remote -all now support WIN server 2008 under DEP -choose install folder & some PE options have been added to builder

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    [RELEASE] OpenSC iPhone Application

    Thread Starter: reine

    Dear members, Our iPhone application is available You can search for opensc in Apple Store. // Note - Clear market cache if you do not see it Review the app with a lot stars that we will get motivated. Share the word with everyone. Troll other forums

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    Announcement for new moderators

    Thread Starter: root

    hey OSC DarkCoderSc is moderator in OSC now. Congratulations and Cheerz

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    [TUT][Delphi] Super Simple Noob Cryptor

    Thread Starter: cracksman

    Originally posted on Ic0de, copied here to share the love! Lets make a crypter! Before starting we need to answer "what is a crypter, and why might we need one?" A) a Crypter is just what the name implies, it crypts, in our case a PE (portable Executable). B) Why might we need one? Perhaps...

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    GetWindowsVersion - Windows 10 ready

    Thread Starter: Ruffy

    function GetWindowsVersion():string; var OSINFO: TOSVersionInfoEx; begin OSINFO.dwOSVersionInfoSize := SizeOf(OSINFO); if GetVersionExW(OSINFO) then begin if (OSINFO.dwMajorVersion = 5) and (OSINFO.dwMinorVersion = 0) then Result := 'Windows 2000' else if...

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