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    What's Your New Theme Suggestion?

    Thread Starter: root

    Hey OSC I'm wondering, do you want a new theme for OSC? If you want it or don't, please write your suggestion on that topic. Thanks

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    [HTTP BOTNET ADVICE] How commands are communicate to Bots

    Thread Starter: bootme

    Hello Friends, I try to learn how a HTTP botnet and not an IRC , and a HTTP botnet (C&C) communicate commands to the bots. I have heard about communicate through svchost.exe with process injection but it's hard to understand for me ^^ So really if anyone know how the bots get commands in...

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    Thread Starter: 3299e58aba279b7942833a712

    Trojanforge is down for more than one month (at least), what is going on !?

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    Announcement for new moderators

    Thread Starter: root

    hey OSC DarkCoderSc is moderator in OSC now. Congratulations and Cheerz

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    Remove the "Home" page

    Thread Starter: Ruffy

    Its kinda useless replace it with an addon/hack like that will boost productivity believe me :happy:

    Last Post By: root 10 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Bad ideas

    Thread Starter: Myrsire

    In light of china's recent "we totally are not hacking american buisnesses, plse gibi monies", I have been thinking about what it would take to make a good piece of malware that could be used for corporate espionage (POC mind you, hi nsa). - Grabbing print jobs and sending them back to the...

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